How To Buy A Personal Face Mask


The UpLove Seam Team is currently making personal face coverings, otherwise known as washable cloth masks.  We are making masks in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. 

Orders are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Exceptions to that are that we do prioritize essential workers and first responders in Haywood County, NC and the rest of the local area.

Folks, please note: we are pretty swamped! Our UpLove Seam Team is sewing as fast as humanly possible but please be patient. 

Please Don’t Order More Than Ten (10) Masks without letting us know ahead of time!

If you need more thank 10 masks that’s fine, but you MUST contact us first  to make sure we have enough made to fill your order.

How Much Are The Personal Face Masks?

Our face masks are $10 each. They come in three sizes:

Small (Kids 6-12 yrs, approximately)

Medium (Women’s)

Large (Men’s).

The colors and patterns are dictated by the fabrics we have on hand through kind donations or our own personal fabric stashes. We can’t offer color choices at this time. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

To order your masks, please pay below, choosing the sizes you need. You may have to place multiple orders if you need different sizes.

Don’t forget to EMAIL US with your contact information – phone number and email address – after you order, so that we can confirm and let you know when and where to pick up your masks. 


Shipping Charges

If you need your masks to be shipped, shipping and handling fees need to be paid for separately, and are as follows:

$5 for one mask, plus $1 for each additional mask.

Example: You are ordering 7 masks. That would be $5 + $6 = $11.

To pay for shipping, please pay using the drop-down menu below:

Shipping Charges

Please don’t forget to contact us with your phone number and email address. 

Mask Pickup

When Will I Get My Mask?

Orders placed today will be ready for pickup in about a week, maybe less. 

Pre-paid mask orders will available for pickup in Waynesville, North Carolina twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10 – 2 pm. 

WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR MASK(S) ARE READY. Thanks for being patient. 


Personal face masks are absolutely non-returnable. However, please let us know if there is an issue with your order. Thank you. 

Why are we making face masks?

Hi. I’m Mandy Wildman and I am the owner of UpLove Bridal & More. On March 15 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the UpLove Seam Team and I decided to temporarily close our brick and mortar shop for public safety reasons. 

But as brides rescheduled their weddings, and the critical lack of face masks for health care workers became its own crisis, I realized I could do 3 things:

1) We are sewists. It’s what we do. Why not use our skills to help people by making personal face masks?

2) It would be a way for me to continue paying my team, all of whom have bills, kids, and/or family members who are now out of work.

3) As dedicated upcyclers and reclaimers of scrap materials, we have PILES of beautiful, 100% cotton fabric scraps – perfect for making eco-friendly face masks.

Researching how to make a personal face mask

Next, it was time to do some research, which took me to the CDC website. This is what I found:

CDC face masks

This told me two things:

  • One, the masks would need to fit over N95 and be SNUG!
  • Anything we could make would be better than a bandana!

The masks we are making fit snugly over an N95 mask, but they can also be worn by themselves.

personal face mask
face mask chin pleat
face mask side view
personal face mask - front view

The masks have been a hit with local health care workers and people who have to continue working with the public every day.  The stories made us cry.

health care worker mask

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Personal face masks are non-returnable, but please let us know if there is anything wrong with your order. Thank you. 

About Our Face Masks

Our face masks are made strictly in accordance with this free DIY face mask video tutorial.

We do not offer other types of face masks at this time. To inquire about custom face masks or large orders, please contact us. 


We make no claims as to the efficacy of our hand-made personal face masks in preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease. We do not claim in any way that our masks will protect you from contracting COVID-19. Our masks are not approved by the FDA or by any medical or other formal authority that thinks it knows what it’s talking about. The government advisories change daily. We are simply trying to help people in a time of planetary crisis. May God bless you and keep you safe.

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